Other Transactions


Construction Contract

For transactions that do not involve the purchase of goods or services, as well as for certain specialized goods and services transactions that do not fall within the purview of Procurement Services, contracting requirements have been developed by University departments charged with responsibility for particular types of business transactions.

Common examples of these transactions include: 

  • Construction and renovation services;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Facilities-use arrangements;
  • Gifts to the University;
  • Affiliations or collaborations with other academic entities;
  • Sponsored research projects;
  • Licenses and other rights-granting transactions;
  • Selling goods and services; and
  • Disposing of surplus property.

Before entering a contract or making any commitment (written, verbal or implied), contact the responsible department for the type of transaction you are considering to ensure you know the applicable University contracting requirements (for example, certain contracts, such as real estate contracts, may only be signed by specific officers of the University).

The responsible department can assist you with:

  • familiarizing yourself with the University’s contracting processes and requirements for the particular type of transaction (including, if applicable, requirements for selecting or working with another party, competitive bidding and sole source justification);
  • for many transactions, providing University-approved standard contracts that can be adapted for your particular purposes;
  • understanding key terms that must be included in contracts to protect the University;
  • negotiating contract terms that protect the University; and
  • identifying when a contract or certain provisions require further review or approval by other University departments, such as Environmental Health and Safety, the Office of Communications, the Risk Management Department, or the Office of the General Counsel.

Please refer to Contracts FAQs for additional information and guidance on University contracts.