Transactions Via Procurement Services

The majority of transactions executed on behalf of the University involve buying goods and services. The contracting requirements for these transactions have been developed by the Office of Finance and Treasury and can be accessed by contacting Procurement Services.

Brochure-Doing Business with Princeton

Note that certain transactions involving specialized goods and services, including the purchase of art for the University’s collection, the purchase of books and other resources for the library system, and the engagement of counsel, auditors and public relations companies, are not within Procurement Services' area of responsibility. For these types of transactions, please refer to Other Transactions.

For most transactions involving buying goods and services, Procurement Services can assist you with:

  • familiarizing yourself with the University’s processes and requirements for buying goods and services, including selecting vendors and service providers, competitive bidding and sole source justification;
  • providing University-approved standard contracts that can be adapted for your particular purposes (in most purchasing transactions, a simple purchase order with Princeton’s General Terms and Conditions attached will serve as the written contract);
  • understanding key terms that must be included in purchasing contracts to protect the University;
  • negotiating contract terms that protect the University; and
  • identifying when a contract or certain provisions require further review or approval by other University departments, such as Environmental Health and Safety, the Office of Communications, the Risk Management Department, or the Office of the General Counsel.

If you have questions about purchasing policies, contact Joseph Woodward (8-3559) in Procurement Services.

Please refer to Contract FAQs for additional information and guidance on University contracts.