Standard Contracts

In order to facilitate the contracting process at Princeton, the Office of the General Counsel has developed several standard contracts that can be used/adapted for your contracting needs. Use of these standard contracts is strongly encouraged because they protect the University’s interests and contracts based on them can be reviewed and approved more quickly than a contract supplied by the vendor/other party.

Before using a standard contract, however, you should always check with the department responsible for the type of transaction you are considering to find out which contract you should use. Certain transactions require the use of a modified version of a standard contract or the use of a specialized contract that is not available on this website, and in such cases use of any other contract will not comply with University requirements.

Whenever using a standard contract, in addition to contacting the department responsible for your particular transaction, other important resources include the Checklists page, which contains the Contract Provisions Checklist, and Contract Provisions and Explanations, which provides sample language and helpful background for many types of contract provisions.

Please click on the left sidebar for links to and information on standard contracts available on this site as well as for a list of additional standard contracts available through a responsible department.

For additional information and guidance on University contracts, please refer to Transactions Via Procurement ServicesOther Transactions and Contracts FAQs.

Note:  This website is for your general information and education only and does not constitute legal advice. Please feel free to contact the Office of the General Counsel with specific questions regarding contract law as it applies to your University contracts.