In order to facilitate the contracting process at Princeton, the Office of the General Counsel has developed several checklists that can be used as a resource for contracting. The purpose of the checklists is to help you negotiate contracts with provisions that protect the University.

Before using a checklist, however, you should always check with the department responsible for the type of transaction you are considering to find out whether there are any additional contracting requirements and whether there are any provisions not identified on a checklist that must be included in your contract.  For certain transactions, there may not be an applicable checklist, and in such cases reliance on an inapplicable checklist could result in a contract that does not protect the University against risk.

Whenever using a checklist, in addition to contacting the department responsible for your particular transaction, other important resources include Standard Contracts and Contract Provisions and Explanations, which provides sample language and helpful background for many types of contract provisions.

The Contract Provisions Checklist is a generally applicable checklist that can be used for many University transactions. It outlines important provisions that should be included in most University contracts and provides tips for negotiating provisions that protect the University.

Please check back for additional checklists to be made available in the future.

For additional information and guidance on University contracts, please refer to Transactions Via Procurement ServicesOther Transactions and Contract FAQs.

Note:  This website is for your general information and education only and does not constitute legal advice. Please feel free to contact the Office of the General Counsel with specific questions regarding contract law as it applies to your University contracts.